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Trometh sighed deeply as he settled into the water. The younger of his rider's flits settled on his head cheeping in a sympathetic manner. Fabio, still clinging to D'vik's shoulder now had a greenish head, though the rest of him was clean so far. Not that it would last, not with Fabio. 

D'vik himself wasn't too happy about being green either, but one did what one had to. He watched the queens sloshing around and patted his large blue on the shoulder saying "See Trometh, you aren't alone. Looks like everyone will be green."

Trometh simply grunted at his rider, though when Razelth splashed some of the gunk up on a rock, despite himself he was intrigued and watched the show. While he didn't see the 'dragon' in the muck, the smaller blob did indeed look like a fish. ((That is a nice fish Razelth. It is very pretty.))

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Nearly anyone would have been missed, but Foreth had a semi-secret soft spot for her granddaughter though their temperaments were vastly different. She waded a little closer, and stretched out her long, red-gold (or previously before the green coating was added) out to have a look.

((What are you making?))

Have fun with any of my characters. Alyx, Lerian (candidates), Vayka (Healer), J'hen, D'vik, Teyra, Cotai (Riders), Rotasta (AWLM)

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