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Ok’lin shrugs a should, “no one can tell Gold dragons what to do.  Sort of makes your job a bit boring if there aren’t any babies though right?”  He tilted his head for a moment.  “So what happens there, do you slot into wings?”  

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"Yeah there's something to be said for that," T'od agreed almost with solemnity, "I've seen some weird things here though, true enough. But I guess they'll rise and lay and everything else when they're ready and not before. But it'd be good to have weyrlings around again sometime soon."

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A snort escaped the bronzerider before he could stop it.  "They are Golds.  Are we meant to ever understand them? Especially when they are Arolos Golds." He gave a chuckle as he said it.  "Don't get me wrong. I love this place, I missed it when I left and that's why I came back. They gave me Zingiberth so I will -always- defend it.  I just think this place is a little crazy you know?"

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Laughing, T'od replied, "I know who the smart one is, and it isn't me. But we do okay." He tipped his chair back and balanced it on two legs for a moment before returning it to its normal place. "So what d'you reckon's going on with these golds? The Candidate Barracks must be at bursting point..."

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Ok’lin gave him a half smile as he shook his head, shaggy hair brushing into his eyes.  He so needed a hair cut.  “I am not really worried about it.  Been with Zingiberth too long to worry about anything now.  I know who the boss is in our relationship and it’s not me.” 

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"Well," T'od concluded briskly, "They wouldn't have chosen us were we not the perfect match for them. They know us better than anyone or anything else, so they might be right. It doesn't make any difference." He clapped his hand on Ok'lins shoulder lightly. "I didn't mean to worry you."

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“Oh shells don’t say that.”  Ok’lin actually winced.  “Zingiberth already thinks he’s the one that keeps me together.”  In truth that was kind of true, he was not sure where he would have ended up with out his dragon around.  

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"Not necessarily," T'od said slowly, "I just wonder sometimes where Awsonth gets his knowledge from when it's not stuff I know. He's never been able to explain it, he just says he knows things." He laughed a little then. "It's a bit of a sod to realise that your dragon might in fact be more clever than you are..."

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“I think it depends on the dragon.”  Ok’lin shrugged, “I mean they are a bit like humans, some are gossips and some just don’t like talking to others.  Zingi has never talked just for the sake of talking but I don’t know what he does when he’s blocking me out.  He rarely does it.  Only ever says it’s for my own good whatever that means.” He rolled his eyes.  “Why? You think Zingi and Awsonth are plotting to take over the Weyr?” 

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T'od snorted with amusement. "Yeah, I know exactly how it is, with the bronze always right..." He winked at Ok'lin, which of course Awsonth wouldn't be able to detect. "They sure are opinionated!" Although it was fair to say that some of the time Awsonth knew things he didn't, and he wasn't entirely sure how it happened. He frowned a little in thought. "Speaking of always being right, how much do you reckon the dragons talk amongst themselves?"

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"You know it's been so long since I've been Okalini," Ok'lin said with a faint smile.   "I remembering thinking I had no idea, I was going to go by O'in or O'lin or something but Zingiberth decided he liked it how it is Ok'lini.  I wasn't going to argue with a newly hatched bronze dragon." This was said with some amusement.

[[Especially one that is always right]] Zingiberth reminded him.

"Sorry I was just informed that Zingi is always right so I should be thankful or something."

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T'od laughed. "I wasn't kicking around the Candidate barracks for very long before Awsonth made me his. I always thought Takoda sounded a bit girly, so changing it to just T'od made a whole heap of sense. One syllable, nothing remotely feminine about it." He turned the question around. "How did you decide what to elide your name to?"

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“At least she cared right?” Ok’lin pointed out, “I mean sure that would of annoyed me as well but at least she cared.”  His mother had died very young and his father had never really cared so he had missed that parent figure in his life.  “I’m glad she was wrong as well.”  He nodded because he believed everyone needed a dragon in their life and he didn’t understand anyone that refused the search tokens that were given out.  “Takoda huh? I never knew your name before you impressed.” 

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T'od's laugh was rueful. "Much as I loved my mother, she did love to rub it in if I fecked up, especially if she'd advised me not to do something. I can still hear her voice sometimes 'Takoda, I warned you that would happen... Didn't I say it?' and other such things like that. Really pisses a young man off, y'know? Especially one who's old enough to marry or be a Senior Apprentice by that time. Clearly she thought because she had *told* me it would go wrong, that would be enough to stop me doing it. I don't really think it ever occurred to her that I would want to find out for myself." His gaze was distant as he spoke, but then he focused on Ok'lin's face. "The one time she didn't get to say she told me so was after I was Searched, and came here to Impress Awsonth. She thought it was all a waste of time and I'd never Impress. I'm glad she was wrong."

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Ok’lin looked at him curiously, “what hard way?”  Admittedly when he was younger and he had never gotten to really know the other riders, even the Weyrlings in his own hatching group, but as he got older he realised people were actually….interesting.  Each story was unique and he was enjoying puzzling it out.  Why not start with a friend?

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T'od chuckled in agreement. "Same here, the more someone tells me no... Well you're right. From what I understand that's pretty much all you can do as a parent - give advice and be there. And try not to tell them 'I told you so' if they don't take your advice and feck up." Slightly quieter, he concluded, "I learned that one from my mother. The hard way." He returned the salute, taking a deep gulp of his klah. "Well we try, but there are some things they have to learn for themselves."

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Ok’lin shrugged his shoulders, “just have to hope it doesn’t come to that.  I can’t tell him what to do now.  He grew up as Weyrbrat so it’s not like I can go oh I want you to not do that.”  He frowned a little.  “The more my father,” he said the name with some distaste, “told me to do something the more I dug my heels in.   Besides even if he stands it doesn’t mean he’ll impress.  Either way all I can do is give him advice and be there for him.”  Picking up his klah he gave T’od a salute, “besides that means he’ll have good guidance in people like you yeah?” 

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T'od concurred. "I guess you can't. It's not like he's not aware of the risks. But... I don't know... I think if I had a child I would prefer them to be in a less dangerous occupation. And of course there's the possibility of ending up dragonless, and only half-alive..." A far-from-cheery thought but one that had to be faced. There were a few dragonless folk around the Weyr and T'od couldn't even begin to comprehend his life without Awsonth in it.

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