Re: Congratulations! atten: Delysia/Razelth/Kassia


"Partly," Kassia admitted. "Plus, it means a guard that I can have in my office or weyr or wherever and have privacy." Or at least she could when she didn't leave Brogan behind, which she'd been known to do. The guards, too. That wasn't the point. "If you're really interested, I can take you to Callamere and we can talk to Revai or Athesta. Do you have a color in mind?"
"I haven't really decided." Delysia replied thoughtfully. "Maybe...a brown? Something smart enough to be an effective guard, but not too high strung." She smiled ruefully. "I've already got all the high strung I could ever want."

As if to puncture her point, little gold Aoede chose that moment pop into existence in front of the two women. She chittered an indifferent greeting before gliding down to perch on Delysia's right shoulder.

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