Re: A Cozy Little Chat (attn: Eldvyr, Cremsden)


"Found him after a bad Fall. Whole thing was so damaged it just came off. He came up and fighting though, so I didn't have the heart to finish it and he'd have died out in the wild." Cremsden eyed the angry firelizard, still nursing his injured hand. "Which is where fecking card-stealing firelizards should go," he added pointedly, raising his voice a little. 

Eldvyr eyed Cremsden thoughtfully. "I take it that this is not the first time he's bitten you?" He asked mildly. He supposed that it'd never occurred to the other man that he could have found someone to help him with that issue. It would be consistent with what Eldvyr knew of Cremsden's psychological profile. Not that Eldvyr himself knew who that someone would be, having no and never had any inclination to take on the responsibilities of pet ownership himself. But this was a dragon weyr and the little blue firelizard was a draconic. It was not an illogical assumption. 

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