Re: Surely That Is What Numbweed Smells Like Attn Any #medhunt


"It gets worse as it cooks," Kashara piped up and made a face. It wasn't the first time she'd "volunteered" for such things. And by "voluntereed" it meant "They were short on people, someone complained about it in Kassia's direction, and word had come up of some infraction Kashara had been involved with". That Sarati had never been subjected to such things wasn't the point. Kassia liked to pretend that such punishments were keeping things fair.

At least there was some satisfaction at being along side the man who was often Weyrleader or WeyrSecond. And partly she enjoyed that she did know the man.

Feeling grown up, though she far from qualified next to the venerable man, she asked him, "How are you doing?" There was a hint of her mother in her voice, though she wasn't nearly the spitting image Sarati was.

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