Re: Put It In Your Pocket For a Rainy Day att: any #medhunt #quickwort


(Please forgive the wait.)

"Hey now!  You can't just *eat* those!  Shardit all, spit that out
before you kill yourself!"

Phyllia had started out with a scolding tone, but at the end of it she
was shouting, and that would likely attract attention.  That was
probably for the best, if this kid was going to just stuff quickwort
leaves into her mouth.  Whether the girl wanted to stay here or not,
Phyllia wasn't about to just walk away from the situation.

"Healers!  Someone!  Help!"

Cuylar's ears practically perked up at the call, and he was there in a few moments.

"What's going on here?" he asked. "What has she got in her mouth?" Without waiting, Cuylar guided Megin toward whatever nearby shade he could find.

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