Re: And they all came tumbling down. (Almira/Lerian) #medhunt

Amy Frazey

It was a relief to know they were close and she would be able to find a place to set Dahlia down. The flit wasn't heavy at all, but keeping her arm crooked like that, and being so careful not to jostle Dahlia was making the muscles in her arm a bit sore.

When she reached the spot where Lerian had stopped, Almira took it in and smiled. "It's really pretty here. Almost reminds me of home. There are some pretty streams and waterfalls there, too." She carefully knelt and found a place in the soft sand to lay Dahlia down, then turned to take the water skin from Lerian as she took in the scenery again. It was pretty, sure, but she would be staying away from the water, content to just view it from the bank.

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