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"We're almost there Almira, and there's a great place to eat lunch. You'll see." Lerian headed out again, and led them down a nice path to the bottom of the waterfall, where there was indeed a nice sandy bank, just asking for a picnic. Here where the water fell, the water was a deep blue, and from the sandy shoreline, looking up there was indeed a cliff face that looked a bit like a dragon.

Lerian pulled the bag he'd been packing down from his shoulder, and pulled out a nice water skin, took a drink, then offered it to Almira. He dropped himself down on the ground, near a small patch of plants. They were green, very green, with five leaves, and little yellow flowers. It was kind of pretty, and he hadn't seen it before, so he picked a couple handfuls, and stuffed it into his back pack's smaller front pocket. [Natural Steroid Found] 

Then be began unloading the things he'd grabbed for lunch, a few rolls, some spiced roast herdbeast, and his prize, a small lump of cheese. 

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Almira stopped when Lerian left the path, not sure she should follow him. But he came back quickly, and she grinned back at him when he offered some of the red berries. SHe had to eat one handed, but the berries were sweet. When they got to the stream crossing, though, she paused again, hesitating because Dahlia was still asleep in the crook of her arm, and the stepping stones were a bit to far apart.

Frowning, Almira thought about how to get across without jostling or dropping Dahlia if she needed both arms for balance, and it took a minute to come up with a solutions. Quickly, after turning her back to Lerian, Almira tucked the sleeping green into her shirt, glad she was still so small. When Dahlia was settled securely in Almira's underclothes, She turned and hopped across the stream to the other side.

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