Re: Hiding in plain sight, sitting on a treasure trove. (Tyne/Cremsden) @Lynn#6042


"Faranth knows, to be honest, I rarely do," Cremsden admitted with an apologetic shrug. "They hang around with Bitey, they show up for meals, they're usually around at bed-time because they've decided our bed is more comfortable than sleeping outside -- beyond that I haven't a clue what they get up to."

"Hmm," she said thoughtfully. This might be a bit trickier than she thought. "If you've checked around the lake, could they have gone looking for food elsewhere?" Food, sun and more food was usually the system of priorities in any flit's brain. But where would a flightless flit go? How could he go? Silently she pushed the request to Bobbin and Cairn that they took to the air, and in turn, Bobbin gave the same instructions to Aaru. The gold jumped from Tyne's shoulder where she had settled and Cairn could be seen in the air too, the bronze and gold making wide, looping circuits.

OoC: Perhaps a fleeting glimpse of one of Bitey's flits to give them a direction?


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