Re: A Walk to Remember Alyx/Any

Jenna Cunningham

"I'm alright," he shot back stubbornly, because he was a teenage boy, and she was a girl - even if she was older. He didn't stop swimming when she had, so he made up some ground... or, well, water - but then the cramp seemed to shoot down his side, from his shoulder straight into his leg, and that cramp (unlike the earlier one) was unignorable. There was no powering through it. One moment he was continuing to swim, and the next he was sinking like a stone, every single movement arrested in favor of just not moving long enough for the pain to go away.
Only it didn't go away, and every time he would resurface, the effort of swimming back up to the surface would intensify the cramping, and he would sink a bit again, splashing about as he tried to balance swimming up with sinking down into a stable sort of tread.
"Sh-ards, it's my leg," he finally called out, the sharp, stabbing ache of it making him swear.

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