Re: Congratulations! atten: Delysia/Razelth/Kassia


It was a few days after Razelth's first flight and things were starting to settle down at the Weyr. Foreth was still sulking, but Kassia was excited for the pair. As soon as she knew she'd have some free time, she headed down to Delysia's office, Brogan at her side, and peaked her head in.

"Would you and Razelth care to have a picnic with me at the lake?" she asked.


 "You've caught me at a good time." Delysia admitted, as she rolled up the scroll that she'd been reading from. "I'm just about done going over the inventory of this quarter's tithe from the Weavers." She scrubbed a hand over her eyes. "Who knew that fabric came in so many different varieties." She commented wryly as she stood from her desk and came over to join Kassia at the door. 

"Razelth says that she'll join us at the lake." She reported after a moment of mental concentration. "Did you have a particular spot in mind?"

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