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Alyx didn't seem to be having any issues. She was an avid swimmer, and at home in the water. She was also a healer apprentice and used to listening for the sounds of distress. She rolled over onto her back and paused for just a moment. She was out of his reach, but was certain that he was having troubles. She looked at him carefully when he seemed to be cramping up. 

"You alright?" She called out to him, while Ardy squeaked above him, reinforcing the idea that he was having troubles.

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Swimming across a lake after running around it for the better part of the last two hours was a bad idea, Asheran realised belatedly. His lungs were already burning, and his muscles pulled at each stroke, even as he fell into more of a rhythm - not graceful, still, but less frenzied, if only due to his growing weariness. His shoulder twinged, and he inhaled water as he cramped, yelping mutedly into the cool water, then resurfaced like a whale - blowing water vigorously out of his mouth and nose, checking to see how far ahead the young woman had gotten. And she had pulled ahead. He might have the advantage of muscles, and his masculine physique, but he had been pushing himself for weeks now, every day, and now here he was.
Well, he wasn't going to lose. He refused.
Instead, he redoubled his efforts, burning stamina in an attempt to just get close enough to Alyx to -- to grab at her ankle, and pull her back, if he could.

Then he'd surge ahead, he told himself, even as his shoulder muscle cramped up again.

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