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Cassandra Coogan

Taregs non scissor holding hand darted out, grabbing a meat roll and pulling back just as quick, mouth watering. Sure he had eaten earlier- thanks to the rider- but he was still starving. 
Eyeing everyone in the room warily, he started to nibble, practically devouring the roll once he realised how good it was. 

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Ishkana stepped in, the tray held carefully in her hands. "Klah and nibbles as requested, sir," she commented, edging over to a nearby table and putting the tray on it. She looked the young man over briefly - he looked worse than she had when she came to the Weyr. She recognised that pinched, hungry look. Flicking her eyes at him before offering the plate of food, she smiled. "Here, these are good." She took a small meatroll herself and bit into it, then realised there was another healer in the room. Blushing, she apologised. "Sorry mam, I did bring klah for you but if you want food as well I can get it..."

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Tareg refused to answer if it was his da or not. He didn’t want to be sent back- and would rather just not talk then tell the truth. 

As his boot started being unlaced, Tareg resisted the urge to tug it back. Sure there were more holes in the boot then boot any more- but it was his. “If’n you unlace the rope around it, it the boot’ll fall off.” He finally offered. Truth be told- if the ground didn’t get so hot, he would have discarded the boot a while ago.

"Ah, is that the trick to it?" Cremsden said, doing as he was told. Off came the boot, and he handed it up to Tareg just as there was a thud at the door. "And that will be our klah delivery," he said, not turning to look to see if Ishkana had opened the door. "Come on in, sweetheart."


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