Re: And they all came tumbling down. (Almira/Lerian) #medhunt


"Of course I do. I'd not have chosen it other wise. Of course part of the reason I like to cook is I rather like to eat. So I wanna see if things are good, and if they are, well I like sharing with my friends. I don't ever wanna be in a spot where I can't find something good to eat."

Usually Lerian wasn't so serious about things. But he remembered fear, and hunger, and when there wasn't enough to go around how things often were dropped for those who were deemed as less. Not that it had happened much to him at Arolos, but he knew that it existed in the world, and he'd do what he could to fight that. Even if all he could do was offer someone a meal. Of course as a rider he could do more, and would.

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Almira followed Lerian, who she was coming to think of more and more as a little brother, and was quiet while she watched where they were walking. The footing was a bit touchy, so she had to be careful.
When the path widened a little, beside the stream, Almira caught up and walked beside Lerian, glancing at him. "You really do like to cook, huh?"

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