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"And all of that," Cremsden said more sternly, "fresh from the book." He was moving now, opening cupboards to pull out pen, ink and fresh hide. "Books are expensive and if they have hundreds of apprentices pawing over them constantly they don't last," he said firmly. "I've no objection to youngsters straying in looking for a bit of knowledge but you want to work you do it by the same rules as our own apprentices, you understand? Pen and ink is *here*, fresh hide is *here* and if you're not looking up something where the patient is at serious risk if you don't get back to them immediately you make your own copy and refer back to that.And if you're pulling a book out not already on a desk, you *ask* first -- find me or a journeyman. Are we clear?" 

Aryn's presence had either been forgotten or considered not important just now.

Aryn bit back a grin at the pair. As much as she wanted her daughter to sharding wait- she had a feeling that this healer would look after her daughter.  

Roryn gave a quick nod, staring at the hide and ink, fingers flicking at her side in excitement. “So you don’t /mind/ I’m here?” She asked. “I’ll follow the rules and make my own copies. Copying helps me remember better anyway.” She added, hands itching to write down what she learnt. 

"I don't mind, but you ask your mother," Cremsden said. "You hit fifteen turns old and you can do what you want. Until then, I would advise you to ask first." 

Roryn was practically vibrating as she turned and looked at her ma. 

“I should say no.” Aryn told her before adding, at the crestfallen look. “But I have a feeling you would do it anyway. There are rules though.”

“Yes mama.” Roryn chewed her lip, hands flicking in their own pattern as she worked through the stress/excitement of the moment. 

“Right. Rules. One- Take breaks. No more then two candlemarks at a time reading and copying. You take a break- do brat things. “ she exhaled at the nod. “Second rule- I’m going to be finding a guard to teach you to get away from people who can hurt you. Your small. I’m not much bigger. Your da isn’t exactly huge. If you want to be a Healer- you are going to learn to sharding get away from someone and call for help. Understand?”

Roryn wrinkled her nose. “Who would hurt a healer?”

Aryns jaw tightened briefly before she forced herself to relax “People who come to see Healers aren’t always at their best. They are hurt, or upset- or drunk- or all three. You aren’t going to have Stoppit or Gway to back you up, like I do when I’m working.”

Roryn frowned “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“I’d rather you hurt someone to keep yourself safe then be hurt or killed. I would miss you.” Aryn added. “And third rule. I’m getting you a flit. Don’t know when it will be but I’m getting you one. Means you will train it and teach it to get other people’s attention as nee


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