Re: The Smart Don't Swim (Kl'ryn, C'fer)

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C'fer smiled at Kl'ryn, shifting his head in a habitual movement left over from when he'd had long hair to cover his acid-burned side, then squared his shoulders and turned his face to show the other man what he'd hidden. 
"Still interested in that drink?" 

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"Well," C'fer began, before pausing to swallow, mouth dry. 
"I don't suppose you'd be looking to buy a man a drink." 
Odds might be good that he wouldn't be when he saw the acid burns on the side of C'fers to face, but it was worth an attempt. 

That wasn't a suggestion he'd gotten often.  Plus he'd been with Vofali for so long that he'd not really thought about it before, now though it did feel like it wouldn't be too bad an idea.  "Gladly!"  Kl'ryn said after he'd thought about it for a moment.

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