Re: And they all came tumbling down. (Almira/Lerian) #medhunt


"Sure, saw it when some guys and I went out. Kel really needed a walk but they wouldn't let him, so we helped." He grinned as if the whole thing had been his idea, which in a way it had. But they'd gotten him fresh air, some fun, and nothing too bad had happened so adventure well worth it at far as he was concerned. 

"We might wanna grab something for lunch though it's a bit out there. It's so pretty Almira, it's this cliff see, and part of it sorta looks like a dragon in flight. There's a wing stretched out and everything. I wanna see what's on top. I bet you could see forever from up there."

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Almira was still sitting at the tables after most everyone else was gone, rubbing oil into the hide of a sleeping Dahlia, when Lerian came bounding over and started chattering at her. She smiled at his happy enthusiasm, and nodded. "It's nice to get out and do something new. To see new places." She corked the oil bottle and wiped her hands off, then offered it to Lerian, in case Star needed oiled. "Are you sure it's safe?"

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