And they all came tumbling down. (Almira/Lerian) #medhunt


The first day of the med hunt, Lerian had spent hanging out with the guys. But this morning, just after breakfast, Lerian spotted his friend Almira. He hadn't even been sure she was coming or he'd have checked on her sooner. He bounced over to the older girl, full of youthful energy. On each shoulder sat a flit, Sandy was calm and behaved, Star was snoozing in a little pocket Lerian had clumsily sewn onto his shirt with his little belly stuffed full.

"Hey Almira! I didn't know you came on this, having fun so far? I have been looking around, you should see the cliff I found yesterday, it was so cool, and I wanna see what was on top of it. I was gonna go check it out, wanna go with?"

Have fun with any of my characters. Alyx, Lerian (candidates), Vayka (Healer), J'hen, D'vik, Teyra, Cotai (Riders), Rotasta (AWLM)

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