Re: The Smart Don't Swim (Kl'ryn, C'fer)

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"Well," C'fer began, before pausing to swallow, mouth dry. 
"I don't suppose you'd be looking to buy a man a drink." 
Odds might be good that he wouldn't be when he saw the acid burns on the side of C'fers to face, but it was worth an attempt. 

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C'fer looked up from the panicked Panic making distressed chirps inside his shirt, opening his mouth to tell the other person - a mere brownrider according to the indignant Abelindath - and paused. 
He turned his head to the side in a reflexive attempt to hide his half-scarred face, and smiled at the brownrider. 
"That's alright," he replied, his body language a bit shy. 

It seemed like the greenrider was avoiding looking at him fully.  Kl'ryn peered at him a moment trying to tell if there was a reason for it, but he wasn't that good at telling something like that.  "Anything I can do to make up for the soaking?"

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