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The accent didn't bother D'vik at all, since he'd grown up near there himself, and knew that now all people from there were bad. He broadened his smile at her, and leaned back, using body language to ask her to come closer, rather than invading her space and chasing her off.

"I'm still not used to it myself, though it's been a good few years. Though at least I rarely burn now."

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This was the point where she normally made an excuse and scurried away, but instead she shifted a little closer. 
"The sun is very strong down here," she agreed, her accent giving her Fort origins away. 

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"Oh, you don't need to do that. D'vik is just fine." The big man said with a smile. He was beginning to feel more relaxed than he thought was normal after such a day, but that was alright.

"You're welcome to share my shade. Sun is brutal today. Glad the day's about over myself."_,_._,_

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