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T'od liked the fact that she'd snorted instead of a titter or giggle. It made her out to be a woman who knew how to have fun, not just laugh out of politeness or in order to please. "What do you normally have for lunch?" he asked as they progressed. "D'you prefer to eat a big meal now, or later?"

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An amused snort came from her as she took his arm, her gaze wandering over him before she snapped it back to the hall in front of her.  Hopefully he didn’t notice the slight flush that touched her cheeks.  Part of her couldn’t help but ponder how many times he had hit his head on his dragon but she wasn’t going to ask because that would be rude.  “Why thank you kind sir.” She smiled up  at him.

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"That's it exactly!" T'od told her good-humouredly. "Please allow me, T'od of bronze Awsonth, to escort you to your meal. I'm probably just as hungry as you, and my dragon won't get any sense out of me until I have filled my belly. Of course, that works both ways too." He treated Ishi to an outrageous wink, even as he offered her his arm.

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Tilting her head she rolled her eyes, then listened with her head tilted to her side.  “Exactly what am I meant to be hearing other than the fact that you probably have rock hard abs…and you are hungry maybe?”  Ishi was so going to get herself in trouble here if she didn’t learn to shut her mouth.  She had a good bedside manner she really did but she also didn’t know when to shut her mouth and he was a bronzer.  Yep he was trouble.

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"Ahh now I understand," T'od was definitely amused, "Well no, I'm not hurt. It was a reaction to the collision, that's all. I'm pretty tough." And he thumped his stomach area to prove it. "Wait though... you hear that?" And he thumped his stomach again, waiting to see what her response would be.

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Ishi groaned, “no I meant checking you for injuries.  I’m normally steady on my feet.”  She grinned at him, “my name is Ishixi, but people call me Ishi,” she licked her lips and a flush touched her cheek.  “You don’t have to go with me Sir, I mean, I’m sure you have better things to do.”  She paused and tried to not look up at him.  He was good looking but she wasn't going there.  

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She still looked a little dazed. T'od was pretty sure it wasn't his good looks that had shocked her, then her explanation made things plain. "So you run into people on a regular basis do you, journeyman?" he mused with a raised eyebrow, although the grin on his face indicated he wasn't annoyed. "By all means, as I'm headed there myself. It's this way." And he bowed to the healer, gesturing for her to walk in the direction he was originally going.

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“I’m fine thanks.”  Ishi sighed and flicked her gaze to his knots before she snapped to attention.  Awesome she would have to bash straight into a bronze rider.  From her, albeit, very limited experience around some of the Weyrs she knew you had to be careful around them.  Egos and all that.  Her gaze drifted over him and she shook her head, “sorry Sir, I’m a newly transferred healer. I doubt me running into you would hurt you but it’s a habit.” She stepped out of his way so he could keep going where he was going to. “Umm do you know how I get to the dining hall? I seem to have gotten myself turned around.”  Maybe he would help her before he left.

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"Yeouch!" T'od rocked back on his heels as he collided with someone. That was always the problem with corridors, there was no easy way to see round corners. The someone apologised and he looked down, seeing a woman. "Hey, my fault as well. The glows are a bit dim here aren't they?" He grinned at her; she didn't look familiar. "Are you alright?" He knew that Turns of riding Awsonth and woodcrafting before that had made him pretty solid. Perhaps not as painful to run into as a wall, but still.

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Ishixi sighed as she walked through the corridors.  Apparently, this was MEANT to lead her towards the dining hall but she had an awful feeling that she had made a wrong turn somewhere along the way.  Ishi had only just moved to Arolos Weyr and was still trying to work out where she was going.  She had successfully worked out how to get to her ground weyr to the healers but other than that she was going blind.  Normally she wouldn’t even try and head to the dining hall but she was hungry and she hadn’t made herself anything.

“This is stupid.”  She muttered to herself as she rounded the corner and felt herself running into something very solid.  Well someone very solid.  “I’m so sorry.”  She flushed as she stood back and looked upwards.  Why was everyone taller than her?

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