Re: Queuing for Breakfast - Second Day of the #medhunt (ATTN: Anybody!) #medhunt

Jenna Cunningham

He took a sip from his cup of klah as the other man spoke, letting the warm, spiced liquid settle on his tongue, pricking at his taste buds. Then he swished it around his mouth and swallowed, looking down into the mug. It wasn't that the bronze rider's story wasn't interesting. But it wasn't helpful to him - terrifying, exciting. He could have guessed that for himself. But the intangible parts, the hard to explain parts were what he wanted to know about. He felt like a runner at a Gather race, pulling at the reins, aching to hit the starting line and just go - even if he didn't know he was running toward.
"It sounds like something," he said finally, because he felt that there ought to be words. "What about your brother? Did he - is he a rider, too?"

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