Re: Queuing for Breakfast - Second Day of the #medhunt (ATTN: Anybody!) #medhunt


"I know - I've been to them before. A couple times now. I even raised a paper hatchling, in one of my lessons. It's not that I'm afraid of getting hurt, it's really not that at all," he persisted, unsure how exactly to explain it. It was the loneliness, maybe. He wasn't sure. 
He trailed off to shuffle forward again, and this time he was at the front of the line, accepting a hot cup of klah and a bit of bread with a grateful nod. Then, stepping to the side, he focused on the bronze rider again, attentive and respectful.
"How was it for you? If I can ask."


The bronzerider fell silent for a moment, as if taking the time to sift through his memories. "Exciting. Terrifying." He replied at last. "It was our first hatching - my brother and I, that is - though we'd been at the Weyr for about a year at that point. Padakth was one of the first to hatching." A smile curved Kyn'dras's lips, small and yet intimate. "Knew that he was trouble the moment I laid eyes on him. And when he came towards me, I just... knew." 

He chuckled softly. "Not very eloquently, am I? I know, I know - as a former harper, I really should do better, but..." He shrugged. "It really is difficult to describe."  

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