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Mya L. R.

On Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 11:13 PM, Cassandra Coogan <Aroloscass@...> wrote:

“I am Nifureeth’s, yes.” Fl’kol answered. “I do hope he doesn’t pull her into any trouble. He may be missing an eye but he doesn’t miss much and loves finding out secrets”  he sighed slightly. “I’m Fl’kol.”

"And with that I can say that 1 of our skills is, apparently, arriving at the right time to meet the best watchrider pair we could!  If she knew that she probably would've told me your names before getting distracted there.  Well met, Fl'kol.  Aryorath and I will be hoping that there are a lot of secrets to find around here.  I'm going to enjoy looking around."  Neffeyn said cheerfully, while cheerfully being too distracted by the conversation to remember that Aryorath hadn't actually introduced her rider by name.

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