Re: Draw a picture, it'll last longer (Tyne/JM Torrela)


Torrela nodded, though she was rather roughly reminded that Tyne didn't want to be "here". But unless and until she did something drastic, today's outcome was the best she could hope for.

"You're right," she said. "I believe that today's session has gone as well as it could, for a first session." From what she'd heard from others, any session with Tyne running to completion was a success.

"It was good to meet you, and I look forward to our next meeting." She was a little surprised to realize that she really was looking forward to it. But until then, she'd keep an eye out.

(OOC: And end!)

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OoC: We can wrap this one up on yours if you like :)

IC: It might occur to Tyne later that her actions were actually rather rude and if Idri ever found out about it, she was sure she was in for a telling off and then some. She wasn't sure if she was meant to respond to Torrela's expression of seeing why she had impressed gold and in the end she offered a shrug and a noise that sounded like "meh". 

"Dwelling on it won't bring Myrandith back. Ever. If I'm going to be kept here, I might at least be remotely functional." At least for most of the times. She couldn't promise when it came to the bad days. But there was never the less a slight bitterness in her voice when she said that she was being "kept" there. It was a dangerous statement and a constant reminder that suicidal ideation was never far away.

On Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 4:44 PM Laurie <Laurie.Lynne@...> wrote:
Torrela gasped as the card was snatched from her grip, but as Tyne spoke, she began to relax.

"I see why you Impressed gold," she said. "I can also see that you have begun the long journey of, not acceptance, but at least the allowance of what has happened."  She highly doubted that her loss would ever fully be accepted.

On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 5:09 AM Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:
No one had ever said Tyne wasn't impulsive and at times, impetuous. It was probably those qualities, once upon a time, that had made her such a perfect match for Myrandith's own, similar traits. She saw the slight shift in Torrela's face as she drew the new card and immediately put two and two together. Something was off.

"Hmm." She finally voiced aloud after several agonising seconds ticked by. "Maybe we should stop." And then, without warning, she lunged forward and snatched the card away. Quick as a scalded feline, she propelled herself out of her chair and away from Torrela as she inspected the card. It immediately became apparent as to why the Mindhealer might have been uncertain about letting her see it.

At least the dragon was blue. In a bizarre way, that actually helped. "Unity." she said finally, after what felt like an age had gone by. "The perfect, most harmonic of partnerships." There was nothing bad that she could see. The rainbow, the dragon, even the girl. "Wherever they're going, they're going together." Stepping back up to the table, she handed the card back. "She's peaceful. They both are. The rainbow makes that clear. Maybe they went through something bad together and the rainbow represents that, like the calm after the storm."

On Sun, Apr 22, 2018 at 10:38 PM, Laurie Hicks Laurie.Lynne@... [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

Torrela smiled.  "I'm glad you like this.  I know how hard it is to have people trying to tell you what you're thinking, but I'd rather have you talking.  And it, I guess.  Most people like pictures."  She was impressed at how Tyne interpreted that card. A few more sessions and Tyne might be able to open up a little more.

"Let's do one more, and call it a session.  You'll need time for your mind to assimilate what you've thought of, and I don't want to overwhelm you."  She shuffled, and pulled out another card.  Looking at it, she frowned.  "Or, maybe we should just end here."

(OOC: I pulled this one  so, you can either have Tyne grab the card to look at it, or have her acquiesce on ending the session.)

On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 6:56 AM, Nutmeg nutmeg.witch@... [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

Taking the card, Tyne inspected it as thoroughly as she had the others. She traced the outline of the dragon and a small smile pulled at the corner of her lips. "They're preparing for something. I'm not sure what. I think the boy is scared, maybe reluctant and the his companion is patiently waiting for him to be ready so they can go together. He'll wait as long as he needs to." She had carefully avoided saying "dragon", preferring instead to say "companion". She was liking this exercise, she didn't want to mar it by going down the dragon route, not yet at least. When Torrela gave her own interpretation of the previous card. "Yes.. yes I can see that. Nostalgia, remembrance, memories."

She looked Torrela dead in the eye, "I like this. I can see what you're doing. You're probing. But I like the way you're doing it. It feels more... honest like this. The cards give me something to think about."
It didn't surprise Torrela that each image reminded Tyne of leaving.  The girl, going over a cliff.  The woman, seemingly leaving her child.  She wanted to talk to Tyne about that now, but the girl was just starting to get interested in what was happening, so instead, she pulled out another card.

This time she winced.  This was about going on a journey, but she didn't think Tyne would see it that way.

"What would you say if I said that the card waxed nostalgic for me?" she asked as she rotated the next card in her hand.  "But, as I said, there's no right and no wrong to this exercise - I just prefer to see how you see these pictures.

She hesitated, then put the next card down.  "What does this remind you of?" she asked.

On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 7:40 AM, Nutmeg nutmeg.witch@... [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

OoC: Your card idea was an amazing one. But I'm now starting to recognise that Tyne has some SERIOUS abandonment issues xD

IC: That was interesting, that wasn't the response she'd expected. As she sat back, Tyne had half expected to be berated and told that the card actually represented this or that. Interesting. Her interest was piqued and she leaned forward, subconsciously adopting a more engaged position as she reached out for the next card. She had no idea what any of this meant, if anything, but it was nice change from being asked how she felt today, had she had nightmares, was she still sad, yadda yadda. Vacuous wherry shite. Anyway, focus. Holding the card in front her, she took her time and let her eyes rove over the picture. Tyne held onto it for a few minutes, taking in the details. When she spoke, she didn't immediately return the card to the table.

"It's a mother leaving her child. They've spent the day together, but where the mother has to go, the child can't follow. That's why the mother is giving the child the light, so she can signal the mother back again when they can see each other." Tyne paused, looking at the card again before looking back at Torrela. "I think the child is dead. That's why she's in the water. The woman is leaving the memory of the child behind, but leaving the light as a... a..." she paused, waving her hands as she tried to find the word. ".... memento?"

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 12:48 PM, Laurie Hicks Laurie.Lynne@... [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

​"Interesting," Torrela said, looking at the​ card.  She could see where Tyne would get that - it did look like the woman was saying goodbye.  "To me, it looks like she's unaware of what's ahead of her, only what's around her.  But," she gave Tyne a smile, "neither interpretation is wrong."  She shuffled her cards again, and put another one down.

"What is happening here?" she asked.

(for my own rememberance - Crystal Visions Tarot, Six of Cups.)

On Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 8:04 AM, Nutmeg nutmeg.witch@... [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

She hadn't expected a card to be set in front of her and for a minute it was apparent Tyne wasn't sure what it was Torrela was asking of her. She wasn't good with imagination stuff. She remembered her disastrous attempt at pretending she had Impressed during Candidacy and it was.. awkward. But she didn't think that the Mindhealer was asking her to imagine. "Okaaa-aaay...." she said dubiously and picked up the card. Carefully she inspected it. It was several minutes before she spoke. "She's sad. She's saying goodbye.. The vtols don't want her to go, but she has to." She set the card back down, melancholy on her face.

On Sat, Jan 13, 2018 at 2:23 AM, Laurie Hicks Laurie..Lynne@... [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

Torrela pursed her lips in thought.  "I see.  If that didn't make you happy then, it probably won't now.  I don't think anything in the Textile arts would make you happy - you don't like to sit stil."  She was making observations to herself, but also watching Tyne's reaction.

"Let's try a different tactic."  She shuffled her cards one more time, then pulled one out at random.  Laying it on the table in front of Tyne, she said, "What do you see in this card?  What does this picture make you think of?  How does it make you feel?"

(OOC: Not sure where all my notes went, but I found a partial conversation where on Pern, The Fool would actually be The Applicant - basically standing for someone who is starting out in the world - an apprentice, or a candidate.)

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The look she gave Torrela was clear that she didn't believe the Mindhealer one bit. Productive member of society, right. Tell that to the rest of the world. However, the optimism intrigued her. All right then, she'd play along. Settling herself back in the chair, Tyne drew one leg up over the other and looked the picture of self-assurance. Too bad she was anything but on the inside and perhaps the only thing that might give that away was the unconscious chewing of her lip. A very bad habit, one she had had a very long time. 

"My mother convinced my father to allow me to apprentice as a Weaver. But that was short lived because my half-brother then paid one of his floozies to come and spirit us away in the middle of the night." Her face remained almost expressionless as she said this and if it weren't for the slight crinkling of her nose that suggested her distaste at the matter, you might have thought it meant nothing to her at all. "But I don't know if I like Weaving anymore. It feels.. very dull and something a Lady Holder or bored wife should spend her days doing." And she was not now, or ever going to be, a bored wife or Lady Holder.

On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 1:57 AM, Laurie Hicks Laurie.Lynne@... [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

Torrela shrugged at Tyne's acerbity.  "Presumptive?  I don't think so," she said calmly.  "Everyone has the ability to be productive.  Including former bastard daughters of Lord Holders, and former weyrwomen."  She gave Tyne a dry look.  

The problem with the riderless was that no one knew how to handle them.  Dragonless scared Weyrfolk, because it could happen to them.  And they scared Holders because the person seemed to be not all there - which was true.  Torrela didn't like either form of fear.  Dragonless were still people, and deserved to be treated like people.  And she would make that happen, one person at a time.

"So, you had no type of Craft, since you were going to be used as currency," she said.  "But Lady Holders, no matter how minor, had to be able to do something.  What types of things are you good at?"

On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 12:05 PM, Nutmeg [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

The way she was moving the cards, it was.... hypnotic. Tyne found herself watching for far long than she meant to before shaking herself out of it and her eyes narrowed with annoyance. "That's an awful lot of presumption about someone you've just met.." Although her face was calm, serene almost, there was a slight edge to her tone. She didn't like how quickly this one had gotten into her head. She knew she was.. what, a sideshow attraction now? She didn't have a dragon, she didn't have a craft, shells - she wasn't even a support worker or a creche worker. She was.... just there. Feeling useless and like a burden.

Ah, before Myrandith. Now that was a direction she could quickly and easily channel her annoyance. "I was the unwanted daughter of a nameless minor Lord Holder. Sorry, bastard daughter of his mistress because his one and only son, and heir to the Hold, not only went and impressed himself a dragon but got caught in the stable in the arms of the stable boy.. What I wanted, was irrelevant, I would have been pawned off to some random son in marriage for whatever money could be gotten off me." What *had* she wanted? Truth was, Tyne wasn't even sure she remembered now, it felt like an absolute lifetime ago.

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Torrela nodded, and reached for her cards.  She absently shuffled them while she gazed at Tyne.  "You scare the Healers because your loss is more than that of a loved one, and they don't understand it.  You scare riders because they don't want it to happen to them.  And you scare yourself because you're afraid that you're no longer a productive member of Pern."  Her hands continued to shuffle, as she watched Tyne's face.

"Let me set one thing straight.  You are still a productive member of Pern society.  We just need to figure out how.  Tell me, what did you want to do with your life if you hadn't become a rider?"

On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 3:16 PM, Nutmeg nutmeg.witch@... [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

Hmm. Interesting.. No coddling or pandering, no awkward sympathy because they didn't know what to say.. Straight to business.. She appreciated that. She didn't like the ones that cooed and fussed. Taking a seat, Tyne took several moments settling herself. They could potentially be here a while after all and it gave her chance to scope out the room and get a feel for this...Torrela.

The question however, made her laugh, but it was devoid of mirth. "Now that's a question I think we would all like the answer to. I'm here, mostly, because I scare regular Healers, most of the Weyrfolk and there's probably people convinced I'm going to go off the deep end and murder the entire Weyr in their sleep." Tyne had realised, long ago by now, that anything "head related" made a lot of people uncomfortable. Add to that the conviction of some that she was little more than a walking ghost that should have followed her gold into Between and Tyne had well and truly earned her "weirdo" label.

"What I want, what I truly want, you can't give me. No one can." It was obvious what she was referring to. No one would be able to bring back Myrandith. "But I'm still here and she isn't... I have to learn to deal with that. I have to learn to deal with the nightmares, I have to..... prove I'm a useful member of the populace..." There was bitterness in her voice... Useful. Hah. Wouldn't that be the day. She longed for the ability to feel like she actually contributed something again and wasn't just a drain on resources.

On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 1:21 AM, Laurie Hicks Laurie.Lynne@... [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

Torrela gave a low throaty laugh.  "No one can take Iyundi's place.  I'm just saving it for her," she said, looking over her patient.  She noted the change from insubordinate to in charge and imperceptibly nodded.  It was what she expected.

"Now, we both know why you're here," Torrela said, "so let's not waste time with unnecessary drivel.  Have a seat," she gestured, "and tell me - what do you expect to get out of our sessions?"

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Even as the voice said she could come in, part of Tyne wanted to rebelliously walk away instead. Gathering her sensible head back into place, instead she had sighed and pushed open the door. She didn't know what she would see or what even to expect, but she made herself cross the threshold and close the door behind her. There, hard part over with. "I'm Tyne." she felt stupid saying it, she was on time and no doubt the woman was expecting her. But she still had manners after all. Manners. Something in Tyne shifted slightly. Yes, manners, appearances, etiquette. She knew all of these, had lived and breathed them. It was like someone had taken a heavy mantle from her shoulders. Shaking herself, her posture straightened and lifted. Head just high enough, shoulders just far enough back. Her dark brown eyes, as soft as a runner's inspected Torrela.

"You must be my new Mindhealer." It was a statement, not a question. There was a strange, cool authority to her voice. The sullen and rebellious teenager had clearly gone, as had the anxious child. Left in their place, was a Goldrider. "Iyundi said you're more than capable of taking her place. So here I am."

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 12:20 AM, Laurie Hicks Laurie.Lynne@... [ArolosWeyr] <ArolosWeyr@...> wrote:

"Come in," Torrela said, her voice as smooth as the finest Benden wine.  She was wearing a full skirt, black and ruffled, with a cream colored top that flowed down to merge with the skirt..  The short sleeves were fringed, as were the side seams of the shirt..  Her jewelry was unusual - a silver necklace with a large circular pendant with different stones set into the edges.  No stone was the same.......  The center of the necklace was a carved bone face.

She sat next to a table, where a deck of cards lay..  The impression one had was that she had just finished playing them, and had put them to the side.

On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 11:02 AM, Nutmeg nutmeg..witch@... [ArolosWeyr] <> wrote:

OoC: Set just before the measles outbreak became obvious.

IC: She was feeling especially petulant today. Apparently her other Mindhealer had had to leave the Weyr on emergency business and now she had to talk to someone new. Tyne did not like change. When she'd had her last appointment with Iyundi, the Mindhealer had reassured her that this "Torrela" (whoever she was), was just as capable as she had been, if not more so. Iyundi had gone on to explain that Torrela had a very new and interactive way of her dealing with her patients, but in her pique, Tyne had ignored all of it.

So, one bright and breezy morning, Tyne was sulkily slinking through the tunnels to the Infirmary, making herself known to the Apprentice who sent her towards the Mindhealer officers. Sullenly she had knocked at the door and waited. Feeding off their mistress' ire, Cairn and Bobbin sat on her shoulders in watchful tandem, grumpily hissing at anyone who had dared to walk by too closely.

Another new person to take their notes about her broken head and earn themselves some Master knots off her. Once upon a time, she would have had someone reprimanded for even looking at her funny. No, Tyne was not happy to be there, but maybe that would change.

Nutmeg on the Wizzy..
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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy..
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!


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Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

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