Re: (WIND) It's Raining Flits (Attn: Tyne) R'zzon


{{Great. She'll probably want to share food with me,}} Panagath grumbled, but he didn't sound as unhappy about it as R'zzon expected.

"She doesn't eat much, you big goof," R'zzon said aloud, for Tyne's benefit.  Windy seemed to have finally had enough food, though she was still guzzling water.

"I'm surprised she didn't go between too," R'zzon admitted to Tyne. "I'm sure she knows how.  They all know how, right?" 

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Tyne sat back and beamed at R'zzon. "She likes you. That's one of their happy noises." It didn't take long to dab away the rest of the ichor staining her flanks and it looked like the more serious bleeding was slowing to a halt. Bobbin continued providing food, as much as was necessary.

"She isn't very long, I would say she hasn't hatched long ago at all. I'm amazed she didn't just between away the moment she hit you. I'll be surprised if she goes anywhere now though, at the very least you likely have a green shadow following you around."

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Dragonhealer meant Master Larsin. Who may or may not yell at him for the state Windy was in when he brought her to him, but who would surely understand the situation once it was explained.

Windy, for her part, was gobbling the meat as soon as it was given to her, though it seemed that it wasn't fast enough.  But she was a green, and Bobbin was a gold, so she wasn't going to say anything.  In between chunks of dried wherry she drank a lot of water.

"Yes, I will definitely take her to the dragonhealers. With it being Fall, though, I know they were concentrating on fixing dragons, not flits."  He scratched Windy's head and she made a sound that almost seemed like a purr.  Or a breeze blowing through the trees.

"Thank you."

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If anyone were to ask her, tomorrow maybe, it felt like pushing a huge boulder up a steep hill. At times it felt like she was slipping down again, but she was determined to push it over the summit. Her jaw clenched with the effort of maintaining the emotional onslaught she doused the tiny flit with. Tyne's face was contorted with the intensity of her concentration and Bobbin's own humming seemed to magnify.

She was so tiny, and it felt as though, at times, that she was a mere breath away from vanishing altogether.

Eventually though, the calm seemed to break through and with it came a torrent of relief as she all but collapsed into the chair behind her. It felt as though the worst was past and Bobbin scurried across to the green, warbling and crooning with worried affection.

"She'll need to see a Dragonhealer," Tyne managed, wiping away the sweat the felt as though it was streaming into her eyes. "If you grab some of those clean cloths and press them to her wounds, you want to try and slow down any bleeding." Fumbling in the box, she pulled out a small pouch and pushed it to Bobbin. "You'll need to help her, sweeetling." And Bobbin did, pulling out the thick, meaty chunks of dried wherry and pushing bits towards the little green.

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Panagath did his own flit-whispering, talking little Windy through the pain.  {{It will stop hurting soon, little one,}} he kept saying over and over.

R'zzon gently held the little green as she greedily drank the water.  Loosing as much blood as she probably had, she definitely needed the drink.  She looked at Bobbin pitifully, radiating hunger.  The queen fire lizard was, to her, her best bet for getting fed.

"OK sweetie, you're not going to like this," R'zzon said.  Panagath echoed him, still holding onto calm healing thoughts as R'zzon poured the redwort over her.  

She shrieked in pain, but settled down again at all the calm being projected her way.  Maybe it didn't hurt as badly as she thought it did, she seemed to be telling herself.  R'zzon patted her dry, then pulled his had back noting the scratches she had given him.  How often did someone get scratched and at the same time treated with the antiseptic as they were being injured?

Windy craned her neck out again towards the water and warbled pitifully, so R'zzon moved the water dish closer to her so she could drink once again.

"So, what do you think?" he asked Tyne, impressed with her flit-talking abilities.

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At Tyne's own encouragement, Bobbin kept up her calming, thrumming croon. It was pleasant sound to hear, even for human ears. "The water stings, that's why they struggle. Like when we wash out a cut, it hurts. Let her drink what she needs then pat her dry with this." Tyne passed over a small, soft rag. "You'll be just fine, lovely - we're going to get you some food when all of this is over and you can have a nice sleep." And then they'd figure out what to do with her, but that would come later. Sitting next to R'zzon she poured a little redwort into a jug of water before submerging a cloth in it. Safe, safe here. Good. She continued to push out that feeling, that reassurance. Later she would no doubt have a headache but that could be dealt with.

"When you're done with that, sit her in the clean dish, you're going to need to pour this over her. She won't like it, it will hurt and she will probably lash out. She's got teeth and claws and she won't be afraid to use them - but I will be here and Bobbin is calming her too. Hopefully you won't be too bloodied." Her voice was calm and matter of fact, no trace of caution or whispery quietness. She was going to need to push hard and push she did, Bobbin doing the same as she used her gold's ability to stop the flit from betweening away.

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R'zzon held the little flit - he'd started calling her Windy in his head - and also radiated calm and safety to her while watching Tyne efficiently gather things together.  He wondered if she'd be willing to work in the Dragon Infirmary - Master Larsin was constantly complaining about how inefficient his apprentices and journeymen were.  He wondered what he would think of Tyne.  Windy turned her head to watch the goings on, then looked back at R'zzon as if she trusted him.  When Bobbin began to croon, she visibly relaxed.

"Come on, little Windy, let's get you cleaned up," he said as he lowered her into the water.  She started to struggle a bit, then stopped again at Bobbin's and Cairn's urgings..  Being a rider, R'zzon was used to cleaning scores, but firelizards were so tiny.  He was also hard put to keep her from trying to drink the dirty bathwater.  When she was clean and he'd toweled her off, he pulled over another small bowl and poured water in it.  "She's thirsty," he explained sheepishly.  "Probably hungry too."

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"Table." She pointed at the small table she and Idri shared to eat at. The tiredness might be gnawing at her brain but right now, she had something to focus on and it brought her to life. Bustling around, she went into a cupboard and pulled out a small workbox.... It was her "emergency repair" box. But for her winged friends.. "Bobbin, can you help too, please?" She hadn't needed to say it verbally, but that way she was telling R'zzon what was going on. Bobbin and Cairn had been watching the disturbance with worried orange whirling in their eyes. Without a second glance, Bobbin settled herself on the back of one of the chairs pushed under the table and tucked her wings to her side. She began to trill, a low, reverberating croon that was immensely comforting to hear. Safe, she reassured the green, dropping a blanket of reassurance and gold-induced calm. 

"Cairn." It was all she had to say, the bronze was suddenly darting around the room like a mad fly, snatching things from shelves and dropping them at the table. A pouch of rags, what looked like a jar of salve and other small tools and items. Aaru kept out of the way, resuming her sentry's perch in the rafters and scuttling back and forth. If Bobbin needed her to do anything, it would be done in a heartbeat.

Grabbing a large bowl, Tyne filled it with water and brought it to the table, setting it down directly in front of R'zzon. "You need to immerse her first, make sure there's nothing left on her," she told R'zzon, her face drawn with worry. The flit in his hands didn't look very old at all. Safe.. She reassured alongside Bobbin. Friends. Safe.  Tyne wouldn't have been able to explain how she put that into... well, emotion. If she really REALLY had to describe it explicit detail, she might compare it to the way a Candidate radiated hope and encouragement to a dragonet at a Hatching. But she didn't like to go down that comparison, for obvious reasons. It made her skin crawl.

Now was the moment of truth. All she and Bobbin could do was impress on the little green just how important it was she stay and that what they were doing, they were doing to help.

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"I rotated out," R'zzon said.  "Fall was almost over, our Wing wasn't hit as badly as some others, so I took the chance to bring this little girl here."  He looked down at the firelizard, and she mewled pitifully, almost sounding like a feline.

"Fall was bad, and I doubt that Master Larsin would appreciate me 'wasting' one of his apprentice's time fixing her up."  He gave Tyne a sad look.  "Do you think you can help her?"

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Aaru inspected R'zzon, and his... friend. The oddly silent firelizard sat there a second or two before vanishing again. A few minutes later, the door latch was heard rattling and Tyne's dark eyes, heavily shadowed, could be seen peering around the corner of the door.. "R'zzon?" she asked, looking genuinely confused for a moment. "Shouldn't you be flying Fall?" Then her eyes settled on the tiny, bleeding bundle in the Rider's hands and her eyes widened...... "Where did you get that?" she exclaimed, opening the door widely and stepping out into the tunnel. Bobbin was there in an instant, her curiosity piqued by Tyne's own.

"Come in, come in!" Tyne stepped aside, gesturing for R'zzon to come into her quarters.

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"Hello there, uh...Aaru, isn't it?" R'zzon said, cradling the hurt firelizard.  "Is Tyne about?  This little girl needs some help."  He showed Aaru the green, and calmed her down when she started to struggle.  "Shhhhh, little one," he said.  "We're getting you help."

If this had been any other day, he probably would have gone straight to the Dragonhealers.  But they were all busy with hurt dragons.

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OoC: I'm not going to lie, I laughed at the mental image of a flit clinging to someone's head xD I'm assuming this is set the day after Tyne's wooble.

IC: When the shout had gone up for the dragons to get ready to fly, Idri had put on her sternest face and told Tyne that she was to stay inside for the rest of the day. Idri had agreed to help in the Infirmary, feeling that an extra set of hands was more than likely going to be appreciated. She had come back from a nightshift in the early hours of the morning and had found Tyne fast asleep. She had no idea that her charge had... had a moment and had collapsed into her furs for a few hours rest herself. She noticed that Tyne had seemed a bit quiet but her charge had reassured her that she would be fine on her own and that she wouldn't be going anywhere.

That hadn't been a lie. Exhausted from her upset during the night, when Idri had left for her shift, Tyne had locked the door behind her and promptly curled herself up on the couch with a blanket over her lap. Both Cairn and Bobbin were curled up in her lap, twined up with each other into a ball of soft hide. She had recently take up learning to knit, not that it was going especially well, but it gave her something to focus on that wasn't her own silence. It was quietly comforting. And a quiet day was just what she needed. The heavy curtains that helped to block out the sounds were up and they did indeed help to muffle the sounds of the outside. It hadn't stopped her wincing when the unmistakable sound of injured dragons coming down permeated the thick material. She still hated that sound and it still made her stomach knot up with anxious nausea. 

It was under control though. And the tiny drop of diluted fellis in her klah was helping as well. She knew that Idri had slipped it in, thinking that Tyne hadn't noticed. But she had. And she appreciated the fact that it continued to take the edge off things. It blurred the edges. And it helped.

So there she was, curled up on her couch, brow furrowed in concentration as she tried to master her newest project, a cushion cover and trying to keep her ears closed to the noises outside. It was Aaru who noticed that someone was headed their way, the green perking her head up with a loud cheep from where she snoozed up in the rafters. The inquisitive green scuttled down and sat on the back of a chair, her tiny eyes fixed on the door before she vanished only to pop up outside. Fastening herself to the door frame, the green peered around. She was sure she had heard someone coming.

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Threadfall Generator:  MidFall you will feel something drop onto your head and cling there. Upon examination you will discover it is a badly-injured but still living wild green firelizard..

Fall was going pretty much like R'zzon had expected.  Thread being buffeted everywhere, riders doing their best to get the Thread while not flaming themselves or others.  But they were handling it.  The whole Weyr was handling it, and R'zzon was proud to be a part of Arolos.

[[You doing OK, Pan?]] R'zzon asked.

{{Yes.  The wind is strong, but we're stonger,}} Panagath responded, signalling and flaming another tangle.

[[Good.  That's....oof! What was that?]]  R'zzon gingerly reached up to find out what had hit him on the head.  Gingerly, because he hoped it wasn't a Thread pod.  Whatever it was moved, and he yanked his hand back.

{{What's wrong?}}

[[Something's on my head,]] R'zzon said, reaching up again.  Panagath risked a quick look at his rider and burst out laughing.


{{There's a firelizard hanging onto your head for dear life,}} Pan said.  {{I think it's hurt.}}

R'zzon reached up again, this time with both hands and pulled the flit off of his head.  Not without some trouble - if his helmet hadn't been fastened on as well as it was, he would have lost that to the claws hanging on for dear life.  But, he was finally able to get it off and had it cradled in his arms.

The little green firelizard - at least, he thought she was green - she was more of a pale teal - gazed at him with wide eyes.  He realized that she was still young, she was scared, and she was hurt.  There was a deep score in her side, and she was bleeding.

Cursing under his breath, R'zzon made an executive decision and unwrapped his scarf from his face.  If he ate a few bugs, so be it.  He wrapped her in the scarf, then unfastened his jacket and  put her in, then closed it back up again.  "Sorry, little one," he said, "we have Thread to fight."

He and Panagath continued to fight Thread until Fall was over, then went back to the Weyr with the rest of his wing.  He took Pan's harness off and sent him to the lake - with luck, there would be some enterprising Candidates there willing to bathe dragons who's riders were busy elsewhere - and immediately went to find Tyne.  If anyone could help a hurt and scared firelizard, it would be his Tyne.

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!


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Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

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