Re: Nothing to see here #medhunt #passionberries (attn: K'ren, R'tal, Rhosgen, any) #medhunt #passionberries

Vicky Orman

Tyren took the wherry from him, and then proceeded to drop it on top of the two men.

Well, that at least woke R'tal up. Dead and still bleeding animals suddenly on top of you tended to do that. "Oh what the shards? Faranth, K'ren, wake up, Ty's brought something back and it's probably swarming with bugs of one type or another. There's sharding blood still coming out of it--" He was abruptly very awake and sitting up and still completely unaware of Rhosgen because really when you just got attacked with a dead wherry witnesses were not the important part.

Tyren sat down patiently. He didn't say anything but the way the wher's mouth hung open suggested that if whers could laugh he might have wanted to.

"...wha?" K'ren cracked open an eye a bit drowsily and then shot awake feeling very much like he had some form of hangover. "Ow! Ty, what have we told you about bring dead animals into the weyr." It took him a moment to process he wasn't in the weyr and he was indeed naked in the wilderness. "Oh."

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