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Laura Walker

Tyren took the wherry from him, and then proceeded to drop it on top of the two men.

Well, that at least woke R'tal up. Dead and still bleeding animals suddenly on top of you tended to do that. "Oh what the shards? Faranth, K'ren, wake up, Ty's brought something back and it's probably swarming with bugs of one type or another. There's sharding blood still coming out of it--" He was abruptly very awake and sitting up and still completely unaware of Rhosgen because really when you just got attacked with a dead wherry witnesses were not the important part.

Tyren sat down patiently. He didn't say anything but the way the wher's mouth hung open suggested that if whers could laugh he might have wanted to.

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Rhosgen was giving serious thought to ripping his hand from the guiding wher's mouth and fleeing back into the woods when the wher finally stopped. 
By even more naked adults. How was this now his life?!
The wher releasing his hand and taking the wherry from his other, he covered his eyes with his hands, ignoring the saliva on one and worse on the other. 

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It would have been even more as though something never happened had Tyren's owner not also fallen victim to the stew. Tyren cheerfully led Rhosgen through the camp, over and around naked bodies, and over to where two men were asleep, naked, and still mostly wrapped around each other.

((Ty brought friend,)) he informed them helpfully. ((And food. Food and friend.)) He turned to tug the wherry out of Rhosgen's grip as R'tal stirred and groaned.

"Ugh, wassat? Too early, Ty, g'way."

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Even though he was very relieved to be back at camp, Rhosgen's cheeks were bright red as he tried to ignore all the nudity. 
And was THAT the... 
Shards shards shards don't look DON'TLOOK 
"Yes, find Tal," he agreed, very firmly not looking at the rider he'd recognized. 
If he ignored it, it would be like it never happened, right? 


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