Re: One more duckling attn Cremsden Aryn

Laura Walker

After hearing that Roryn wasn’t injured, Aryn relaxed  “More likely a ‘I found somewhere without anyone to bother me to read and lost track of time’ hideaway.” Aryn clucked her fingers and gave a trilling whistle, her brown flit slinking off the wall and to her to settle around her throat. 
“Skiffy.” She rubbed the browns eye ridge. “Find Roryn.”
With a chore and a flick of his tail, the flutter was gone, popping back in to his pet after a moment, sending a strong image of a classroom? With a weyr ledge? 

“Surely things haven’t changed that much since I was an apprentice.” She muttered befor one hand went on her hip and she looked up at Cremsden. “This guy says she is in a room with tables, Klah and a weyr ledge that’s fenced. ” She sighed as the flit dove down her top and got comfortable. “You don’t have anywhere like that here, do you?”

"That's the apprentices' room." Cremsden frowned a little, but turned to lead the way. "Eleven turns old, you say? We've had a few new kids lately. I don't remember a blonde girl but I could be wrong."


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
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