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Fl’kol made his way down to greet the other rider, a wry smile flickering across his face as Nifureeth practically preened. 
((Now you I will definitely keep my eye on)) he shifted on the rim. ((Mine and I are almost off watchduty so I could show you the best places to observe the weyr.))

“Welcome to Arolos” Fl’kol called out as he came close enough.

It wasn't an offer to point her toward the nearest evil, but it would give her a place to find the evils herself.  {{That is a fine idea!  I appreciate the guidance and will remember your willingness to help the cause.}}  Aryorath answered Nifureeth happily.

Neffeyn turned in the direction the voice came from, fixing his grey eyes onto Fl'kol.  "Oh?  Hello there!  Are you the rider of the bronze Aryorath is talking to?"

“I am Nifureeth’s, yes.” Fl’kol answered. “I do hope he doesn’t pull her into any trouble. He may be missing an eye but he doesn’t miss much and loves finding out secrets”  he sighed slightly. “I’m Fl’kol.”

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