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Cassandra Coogan

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Aryn held her hand up “This tall, blond hair, age eleven and her name is Roryn.” Aryn rattled off. Her attention shifted to a dark corner momentarily and she scowled “she may be hiding out here. Especially since that little pain in my butt has been ignoring me.” She pointed at the pale brown flit who gave a squeak before pressing further into the shadows. 

“Does this place have a weyr ledge with a fence up? 

Cremsden called back over his shoulder to the nearest apprentice. "Sionel. Any eleven turn old girls in today?"

The boy stood still to consider. "No girls. Had a little boy in earlier who jammed his finger in the door," he offered. "And a baby who fell out his highchair."

"I think the lady was looking for a specific girl, not the closest possible replacement," Cremsden said mildly. "Right. Well, it sounds unlikely she's injured so there's one worry put to bed. We're looking for a runaway then?"

After hearing that Roryn wasn’t injured, Aryn relaxed  “More likely a ‘I found somewhere without anyone to bother me to read and lost track of time’ hideaway.” Aryn clucked her fingers and gave a trilling whistle, her brown flit slinking off the wall and to her to settle around her throat. 
“Skiffy.” She rubbed the browns eye ridge. “Find Roryn.”
With a chore and a flick of his tail, the flutter was gone, popping back in to his pet after a moment, sending a strong image of a classroom? With a weyr ledge? 

“Surely things haven’t changed that much since I was an apprentice.” She muttered befor one hand went on her hip and she looked up at Cremsden. “This guy says she is in a room with tables, Klah and a weyr ledge that’s fenced. ” She sighed as the flit dove down her top and got comfortable. “You don’t have anywhere like that here, do you?”

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