Re: Planning Escape Attn Lerian, Lesal, Kel


Lerian grinned at Kel. "No offense meant, I just know sometimes when it's really important a dragon will do something to help their rider, even if the rider doesn't want it." At this point Lerian's second flit caught up with him,  on either shoulder were a grown bronze and a tiny hatchling blue. "What can we do to get them good and distracted? There's a real nice redfruit tree not too far from here, I think we can make it if they aren't looking."

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> Lerian looked from Lesal coming over, to Kel, then back over at the healers. Then he whispered to the lads.
> "Come on, let's get behind Gavorth. They will think we're using him as a backrest, and we can slip away." Then Lerian turned to the bronze flit on left shoulder, after a moment asked Kel "Will Gavorth cover for you a bit, or tell on you? Cause I think we can use a distraction." Then he turned back to Lesal, "What do you think, between the two of us can we get him out for a walk about?"
Lesal looked from one boy to the other, then over to the healers, and
then back to the boys.  The one did look like he was still recovering
from something, and had probably been sent along for the fresh air.
And besides, no kid liked being cooped up while recovering, so this
was probably a good solution to keeping him from going stir crazy.
And a little walk wouldn't hurt him, if he had him and the other boy
to help, right?

"I think so?" Lesal said, just a bit hesitant, but willing to jump in
regardless.  "Wouldn't want to go too far, but a walk would be okay, I

"Of course Gavroth wouldn't tell!" Kel's returning whisper was indignant at that. "He's my friend, not some awful sneak!" 


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