Re: The Smart Don't Swim (Kl'ryn, C'fer)

Rabble Rabble

Sengroth snorted, not really caring that someone else got wet.  {{Better than it bein' on *ME*.}}  The brown scoffed unhappily.  Though the brown was unrepentant, the brownrider waded over to the shore with a scowl shot toward his brown.  "Sorry.  He is always like that once he's allowed out of the water."  Kl'ryn said to the greenrider. 

C'fer looked up from the panicked Panic making distressed chirps inside his shirt, opening his mouth to tell the other person - a mere brownrider according to the indignant Abelindath - and paused. 
He turned his head to the side in a reflexive attempt to hide his half-scarred face, and smiled at the brownrider. 
"That's alright," he replied, his body language a bit shy. 

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