Re: I Just Wanna Be Helpful Att: Cremsden

Laura Walker

He'd been sent to the infirmary with a basket of clean linens, after
pestering all morning that he wanted to do something to help his
foster mother, who had been working in the laundry.  She'd finally
given him one of the baskets of dried and folded sheets and sent him
off, just to get him out of her hair for a little bit.  And really,
how much trouble could a ten turn old get into delivering sheets?  So
now Ataylan was standing in the waiting room of the Infirmary, basket
covering most of his body as he looked around for someone to tell him
just where he was supposed to set the thing.

"Sheet delivery?"  Cremsden smiled at him. "Good, we're running short. Dump them through in the store room, good kid. Someone can put them away later." He gestured, indicating one of the siderooms."


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Baldrick: The servants.
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