Re: Queuing for Breakfast - Second Day of the #medhunt (ATTN: Anybody!) #medhunt


"Well," Asheran began, then used the shortening breakfast queue as an excuse to shuffle forward and gather his thoughts. "Yesterday, heading to the cook line for dinner, I took a shortcut, and there were a couple there in the bushes who were coupling, ah, you know." He made an okay sign with one hand, and poked the index finger of his other hand through the circle his thumb and index finger made, looking at the older man with what he hoped was a very knowledgeable look. Then he turned his head to the side, eyes slanting upward in thought.
"...and it made me think of home -- not in that way, I didn't have a girl or anything, I wouldn't dishonour any of the girls back home like that without a promise out of it, but just... I started thinking about my family, and how it's been awhile since I've seen them. It had me feeling a bit low and lonely." He chewed on the inside of his cheek, then nodded and continued, as if self-reassured by his own response: "And we'd had a lesson a couple days before about our fears and that, and it must have just weighed on me. So I had a bad dream about being on the sands again, about maybe getting injured... But I'm not afraid of being hurt, I don't think, so I don't know why I'd dream that."


The description of the couple in the bushes elicited an raised eyebrow from Kyn'dras. He wasn't body shy - riders generally were not and Kyn'dras had been...fond of bedroom sports even before he'd impressed. Even so, public exhibitions were not, as far as Kyn'dras knew, par for the norm, at least when there was no flight involved. But what other consenting adults got up to in their free time was none of his business, so he shrugged off the thought and focused instead on the rest of what Asheran was saying.

And in, what was for him, a rare fit of sobriety, decided to give a serious answer. "Well, accidents do happen on the sands." And somehow more often and more spectacularly at Arolos than at any other weyr. Kyn'dras didn't quite see the need to add that part. "But that's why you have candidate lessons. So that you know what do when the time comes. So that you can keep both yourself and the hatchlings safe."

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