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Dekel bounced over to where they were talking with his food.  He hoped they didn't mind him butting in.  "I think 24 is a nice number.  I don't think there will be a Gold though." He told them.

Kenzia looked over at the gaggle of boys and said quietly, though she didn't really want, "25 eggs and a gold would be good."  Not that she cared about it but a gold meant more clutches in the future which would be good.

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Lerian watched the other boys talking, while shovelling another couple bites in his mouth. Every other bite was split between the two flits sitting quietly near the boy. 

"It depends on the flight. Longer the flight, bigger the clutch. Least that's what I was taught. I been in weyrs my whole life." Then he paused, knowing that it was the first clutch for this queen and unsure how that affected things. "But no one knows for sure till they are laid. I think there'll be more than 22 though I'm saying 28. But I don't think there'll be a queen, not on her first flight."

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"I wasn't, either," Asheran admitted between a mouthful of food, then swallowed and took a quick swig from his cup of watered down wine. His brows furrowed down. "Is that supposed to help? Being there for it?"
"But... twenty would be alright. It's been awhile since there was a flight." He was careful not to say something too insensitive next, just in case the queen could hear him from the sands, and decide he wasn't worthy after all. "So there could be fewer, but there could also be more, too, if there's..." He wasn't sure how it worked. Did the eggs just sit in the dragons, backing up? "...if there's a backlog of eggs in there."
"So, twenty-two and a queen. Want to bet on it?"

He cracked a grin.

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