Re: The Smart Don't Swim (Kl'ryn, C'fer)

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C'fer stepped back and smiled at his beautiful girl, Panic chirping into his ear as she told him all about her day. 
Washing and oiling a dragon wasn't a small task, and finishing it was always satisfying. 
Now they could go back to their weyr and he could work on that bit of jewellery he'd been fiddling with for months. It was almost done, after all. 
He heard someone yell out and turned to look just as a wave of water splashed over them. 
C'fer stood still as Panic panicked and clawed her way under his sodden tunic, her light green tail sticking out as she huddled into the pocket he'd had sewn for her there. 
Abelindath turned to the Brown, eyes whirling her displeasure. 
((MY BEAUTIFUL IS WET!!)) She complained.  

Sengroth snorted, not really caring that someone else got wet.  {{Better than it bein' on *ME*.}}  The brown scoffed unhappily.  Though the brown was unrepentant, the brownrider waded over to the shore with a scowl shot toward his brown.  "Sorry.  He is always like that once he's allowed out of the water."  Kl'ryn said to the greenrider. 

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