Re: Nothing to see here #medhunt #passionberries (attn: Rhosgen, any) #medhunt #passionberries

Rabble Rabble

Even though he was very relieved to be back at camp, Rhosgen's cheeks were bright red as he tried to ignore all the nudity. 
And was THAT the... 
Shards shards shards don't look DON'TLOOK 
"Yes, find Tal," he agreed, very firmly not looking at the rider he'd recognized. 
If he ignored it, it would be like it never happened, right? 

On Fri, 17 Aug 2018, 7:27 PM Laura Walker, <shewhoguards@...> wrote:

Rhosgen looked at the dead face of the wherry for a moment before nodding. 
It wasn't a fish but if it got the wher to get him un-lost then he'd do it. 
He picked the dead wherry up and let the wher guide him, trying not to think about how the wherry felt in his grasp. 

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