Re: What will I be? (Attn: Cremsden, Jerronila)

Rabble Rabble

"No, sir. Nothing since a cold last winter." She said, glad she had nothing that could stop her being an apprentice. 

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“Hmm.” Off the top of his head Cremsden could think of multiple reasons someone might not want their kid at the hall. Some were most definitely better than others.

“Any conditions or recent illnesses?”

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"Mother doesn't want me at the Hall. She said I could join any craft that would take me." 
She shook her head. 
"Aunt said she's too busy to look after brats, and to make myself useful." 


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.

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