Re: Is this normal? (attn Vashinta / Ishkana)


Ishkana definitely was uncomfortable with the subject, but as a new healer apprentice it was stuff she needed to know about. "Mam," she said immediately once they were in the smaller room, "I know what's meant to happen to a woman's body when she matures, but..." She gestured at her relatively flat chest and lack of curves. "Nothing's happening, and I've fourteen Turns! Is something wrong with me?"

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“Alright Ishkana.” Basho packed up the hide she was reading and grabbed a Klah pot and mugs before leading the way to one of the smaller examination rooms. 

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Ishkana swallowed hard. "Er... more private, please mam. I don't really want anyone walking in on the middle of our conversation. It's a bit... personal."

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Vashi blinked away from the notes she was rereading on a patient before giving the girl a warm smile. “We can talk. Would you like to talk here or somewhere more” she paused a moment, glad she was a woman and this wouldn’t be as easily misconstrued before offering “private.”

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Ishkana was starting to settle in to her new life in the Weyr. It still had its very odd moments and she still wasn't entirely comfortable with some of the things that went on, but it was quite possibly a normal reaction from someone holdbred as she was. She didn't know that for certain, but she knew she had to get used to it.

There were some things though that she really wasn't sure of - one of them being her. And learning healing meant she knew a little more than before. Enough to know that something wasn't quite right.

When she found a relatively quiet time, she approached one of the more senior healers for some advice. "Vashinta, mam? Do you have a little time so I could speak with you please?" she asked tentatively. This wasn't going to be easy, but it needed doing.

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