Re: Despair on the Wings of a flit. (Alyx/ Cremsden)


Alyx couldn't help a chuckle at Cremsden's delivery. And in a way she did agree with him, some of the riders she knew really didn't think much of other kinds of pain. She'd seen riders with broken bones in their hands, who hadn't come in when it happened cause 'eh it's just a little pain' Then of course, things had to at times be rebroken and set straight, which lead to more pain, and more recovery time. And sometimes even some loss of feeling.

"Yea I've seen some of that too Cremsden. But I've also seen crafters do some of the same kinds of things, so I think it's just a people thing. They don't want to admit to needing a healer. Heck I've done it when I was younger, and I ought to know better!" Alyx was willing to admit her failings in that way at least.  

Then there was a little poof of air behind her, and her bronze flit Ardy was there. As she turned to greet the flit, her face went from happy and enjoying the conversation, to worried. Ardy was quite upset, and it took her a moment to get him to land on her arm. There was a message tied to his collar. Once he landed, and she removed the message, the flit, who wasn't normally too affectionate while they were in the infirmary, pressed himself up against the girl's side. Alyx didn't stop him either. She rolled open the note, reading it, the color drained from her face. This couldn't be right, it couldn't...

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"That's a really good idea. We do get more than our share of burns sometimes. It's even worse in some of the riders, have you noticed? I wonder if it is because when they aren't flying a Fall they dress like the rest of us, but are up where there's no shade. Nothing but clouds between them and the sun. I had one in the other day asking for cream for a burn, and you could just tell they had done this several times before. There were scars from blisters. So I gave them a large bottle of sun cream." This was something that she had been looking into for a while. There were sunburns nearly everyday around the weyr. And these people, most of them ought to know better.

Cremsden laughed. "You might have a point with them being higher up, but I'm betting a large part of it is riders being riders," he predicted. "They expect Fall to be what kills them off eventually, so they consider themselves basically immune to everything else. They might not think it consciously but you dig under the skin of most riders and they consider Thread to be about this dangerous--" he waved a hand about shoulder-height "and everything else to be about this dangerous--" this time just above the table "and thus not a risk even worth spending time thinking about." He grinned ruefully. "You might think the pain would stop them but eh. Riders. Doesn't hurt as much as a score, not worth bothering about."


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