Re: What should I do? (attn Cremsden / Ishkana)


Ishkana beamed at him. That was a nice clear information request. "I can read well, write okay and do numbers. I know numbweed is generally used for skin or muscle pain, and fellis for inside pain. Redwort is to make things clean and stops the effects of numbweed on a healer's hands. I can make klah and fold bandages, and I don't really have a problem with blood although if someone's sick on me I may throw up too. I generally only got to watch bits and pieces in the Hold, and not do anything except tidying, stirring numbweed kettles and sweeping the floor. Oh, and I'm quite fast at picking and packing needlethorn."

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"An aunt and uncle," Ishkana clarified, "Cousins of my mother, so not really close family. Jerronila is one of their children."

"It happens," Cremsden nodded agreeably. "Okay. What I need from you then is to tell me about what kind of things you did growing up - chores, lessons, that kind of thing. We can work to fill in gaps but my life is a lot easier if I know that the gaps are there and need to be filled than if we proceed assuming that knowing how to do a certain thing is standard and end up with you lost." He smiled at her. "Conversely, particularly if you've done any work at all in an Infirmary, there's no point wasting everyone's time by teaching you basics you're already solid on."


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