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Lerian, unlike some of the other candidates who had been recruited, had actually volunteered to come on this excursion. Since arriving in Arolos he'd not left the weyr much at all, and wanted to familiarize himself with the area as much as he could.  He had just about wandered the entire way around the camp, and was looking for something to do. He was a bit small for his age and many people didn't take his willingness to help seriously. So he'd grabbed a small bag, and filled it with food, mostly snacky stuff that would be easy for boys to eat. He was accompanied by two flits, the bronze Sandy, and the tiny blue Star who was riding his shoulder.

Then he spotted someone who seemed to be in pretty much the same boat as him. Then as he walked over, he recognized the other boy. That made him happy, not only that he knew another kid here, but that Kel had been allowed to come when he'd been so sick. A few paces out Lerian greeted the pair with a grin.

"Hey Kel, Gavorth. I'm glad to see you guys out. How you feeling? I know I'm pretty bored just sitting around camp. I came here to see things!"

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An outing was great, but only if you were allowed to actually explore.

It was the first time Kel had been allowed out since his bad brush with measles. The twelve turn old had lost very quickly the weight he had managed to build during Weyrlinghood. He was fragile-looking just now; pale and skinny, as though a strong breeze might knock him over. And Evrand had judged that a bit of fresh air might do him good, and besides there were likely to be more Healers on the expedition than in the Weyr and so Kel had been allowed out with a weight of instructions. Stay close, be good, don't over-exert. For a boy used to slipping away to clamber up the nearest tree it was an unsatisfying prospect.

He was slumped with Gavroth now, watching people scurry about busily. Occasionally he sneaked a look back to see how much attention Evand was actually paying and whether sneaking off was a possibility.


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