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Teyra racked her brain for anyone named 'Tal' that was associated with a wher. She knew of most of the people in the weyr that had whers, and generally did not associate much with them. It was easy enough to know who had them. Wait...

"You mean R'tal?" It was the only one she could think of, and the young woman reached out to Stakarth who was sunning on a sandy  spot near the river. (Stakarth, speak to Talith, please. Ask him to have his rider call of his wher?)

Stakarth, barely awake for the message, yawned greatly and sleepily passed on the request, with some additional information. ((Talith? Your's wher had my rider up a tree. She is...afraid of them.))

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Teyra clutched at the tree as it creaked and groaned under the assault. This tree wasn't sturdy enough to climb further up, to where Stakarth could pick her up, and there was no where open enough for the green to land. And the wher's person was 'busy' great..just great. Teyra took a deep breath, trying not to panic, panic didn't solve anything. But she really wished the wher would just go. Wait...Tal?

"What's your person's name again?"

((Tal!)) Tyren proclaimed happily. ((Tal and Ren. Busy with smells-bad.)) He wrinkled his nose in remembered disgust. ((Said 'go play Ty'.))


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