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"Oh, you don't need to do that. D'vik is just fine." The big man said with a smile. He was beginning to feel more relaxed than he thought was normal after such a day, but that was alright.

"You're welcome to share my shade. Sun is brutal today. Glad the day's about over myself."

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Chasser looked up, and took a moment to assess the man as she quickly swallowed her mouthful of stew. 
"Evening, sir, and yes it is." She returned with a smile. *This* man was clearly no greenrider. 
Perhaps a brownrider or even a bronzer.
She didn't have all the rankers memorized like she had at Fort. Perhaps she needed to do something about that, she thought, blushing a little as she took in the very nice view his short being off gave her. 

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D'vik was idly watching people walk around, getting stew and finding spots to sit, mostly out of the glare of the sun. He'd spread his shirt out on the ground as a sort of picnic blanket. Of course being a large man, this meant his shirt took up a nice chunk of space. He leaned back slowly against the tree, stretching his neck from side to side. It was more than warm, it was hot. With a tired groan, D'vik brought first one foot, then the other up, taking off his boots, and tossing them next to the truck of the tree. He found himself, still uncomfortable, but for the moment put up with it. His eyes seemingly of their own accord followed Chasser as she came, and sat down near where he was. She didn't say anything as she did so, but he felt a burning need to gather her attention.

"Evening. Hot working today, wasn't it?" He called out, keeping his voice pitched softly so as not to startle her.

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