Re: Despair on the Wings of a flit. (Alyx/ Cremsden)


"That's a really good idea. We do get more than our share of burns sometimes. It's even worse in some of the riders, have you noticed? I wonder if it is because when they aren't flying a Fall they dress like the rest of us, but are up where there's no shade. Nothing but clouds between them and the sun. I had one in the other day asking for cream for a burn, and you could just tell they had done this several times before. There were scars from blisters. So I gave them a large bottle of sun cream." This was something that she had been looking into for a while. There were sunburns nearly everyday around the weyr. And these people, most of them ought to know better.

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"I have yes, in all the people who have tried it, the worst side effects were a little redness and dry skin. No blisters, or skin lesions. No itching either for that matter. And the dryness was easily reversed with a little oil or lotion. But that was with the plant itself, merely crushed. Next I want to try tinctures and decoctions made from it. See what that does. Since it seems to dry things out, I almost think the ideal treatment would be combining a concentrated liquid, into a light lotion to be administered to affected areas." She was unsure which base would work best, and slowly becoming aware of just how long Ardy had been gone. It never took this long for her Grandfather to write a reply note. Since she'd gotten Ardy used to Betweening, they hadn't really bothered writing long letters. They wrote back and forth several times a day.

"If you're wanting to specialise in skin, I'd keep an eye out for sunburn cases," Cremsden suggested. "They're fairly endemic around here, particularly in Northerners who move over without appreciating that the difference is more than wearing lighter clothing a lot of the time and I don't believe there's really that much monitoring done in terms of how many of our cases end up with longer term issues. There's some interesting work to be done there if it would appeal to you."


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