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Laura Walker

Cremsden blinked, but it wasn't as though parents getting agitated if they thought their children were hurt was an unusual Infirmary event.

"Name, age, any kind of description?" he prompted. "And do you know what happened? I don't think we've had any little girls brought in this morning but I can check."

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Roryn had found the perfect place to read the hides- in the healer apprentices common/classroom- or rather the ledge attached to it, next to the railing. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be here- but she also knew that she wouldn’t get the peace and quiet to actually read the hides if she went back to the crèche. 
The hides were interesting, and she traced her fingers over the words, mouth moving as she worked to memorise as much as possible. She wished she had the hide to copy it down but that would be far too much of a giveaway where she was going. 

She wanted to keep reading her stolen, er, borrowed apprentice notes- they were more interesting then the stuff that they kept getting her to read in the crèche by far. 

It was perhaps to no ones surprise, least of all her own, that she kept reading well past the time she was supposed to have been safely back in crèche. 

Aryn was, to say the least, frantic. Roryn was missing- shards knows when or for how long. She did the only thing she could think- she pulled a harness and goggles onto Stoppit, the green wher and sent her out looking. 

It was perhaps to her own benefit that, even with her handlers worry thrumming through the bond, the green wher stopped before going into the weyr infirmary. 

((Ryn pup in. Stoppit Stop ere. No wher place. Stoppit gud gurl)) the green crooned, snuggling against Aryn before making herself as unobtrusive as possible against the wall. 

Aryn practically stormed into the infirmary, eyes focussed as she looked around for anyone in charge. She approached one person, eyes steely. “Where the feck is my daughter.”

Ooc: I’ve just realised- Stoppit May have told her wher she was.....but Aryn doesn’t know that she isn’t hurt. 


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