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"Would you?" And Cremsden too brightened, suddenly hopeful. "I've been walking around looking but-- you know, he doesn't always come when I call if he doesn't feel like it and there's a lot of ground to cover."

"Of course!" Tyne brushed the dirt from the seat of her trousers. In response to a silent command, Bobbin and Cairn popped up out of nowhere. "Do you know the sort of places he likes to go?" 

Cremsden thought for a moment. "He likes hunting tunnelsnakes?" he offered. "Eh. Could be looking for food? Not other firelizards so much, he doesn't tend to hang out with any but his two." And they definitely were Bitey's two in Cremsden's mind -- he was just the guy who happened to feed them.

Tyne was just about to ask how Bitey had felt the last time Cremsden had seen him before she remembered that the Healer had a different relationship with his flits than most. In fact, most of the time it was almost like he couldn't really hear them at all. "Do you know where they are now? They might be able to give some idea of where Bitey might be, or even what Bitey was thinking.Bobbin could help with that too." 


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