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Fl’kol made his way down to greet the other rider, a wry smile flickering across his face as Nifureeth practically preened. 
((Now you I will definitely keep my eye on)) he shifted on the rim. ((Mine and I are almost off watchduty so I could show you the best places to observe the weyr.))

“Welcome to Arolos” Fl’kol called out as he came close enough. 

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Fl’kol looked out at the greenrider pair with a sigh. Nifureeth gave arumble of almost amusement, the bronzes dark hide indistinguishable from the rocks where he was settled in the just dawn light. 

((You have my attention Aryorath)) he bespoke in an almost rumbling purr. ((Do see if you can keep it.))

Ooc: well they are Watchrider pair lol.

{{That indicates you've good taste then, dear Bronze.  We of the heroic variety will be ones to keep an eye on.}}  Aryorath touched down onto the ground and crouched low, letting her rider could climb down, with her tail wiggling about in restlessness.  Despite waiting for her rider, her tense form was a clear sign that it wasn't just her tail that she wanted to keep moving.  She'd just arrived meaning there had to be something that she needed to defend the Weyr against...after all why else would this transfer be happening at this moment?  Her rider had other reason for the move, but they weren't interesting enough to pay attention to.

Neffeyn grinned as Aryorath kept addressing someone.  A bronze by the sound of it, but that was all he really knew about the other dragon.  Patting her hide once more, he clambered down from her back, quick and eager to start seeing the sights from the ground.  The moment his feet reached the ground he was pulling the helmet and goggles off.

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