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Laura Walker

Rhosgen liked the stew. 
He hoped that it would be a regular dish in the dining hall, and ate it all down quickly. 
He leaned against a tree as he nibbled on a bread roll, nose wrinkling as someone near him started cuddling their friend. 
And then started undressing their friend. 
Rhosgen stared, expecting one of the Masters to yell at them. 
That stuff wasn't supposed to be in public! 
And now he was starting to feel ...weird. 
His hand tightened around the bread roll, and he looked around, starting to feel anxious. 
What was happening?! 
He turned and ran into the trees. 

Rhosgen woke up in the morning, a ruined bread roll still in his hand, and sat up, looking around at all the trees. 
He couldn't hear anyone. 
"Hello?" He said, hoping someone would answer. 
He remembered everyone cuddling each other back at the camp, and...doing other things. 
He'd run away, and now he was lost. 
His lip wobbled, and he started to cry. 

The good thing about being at a camp in the woods, as far as Tyren was concerned, was that he needed neither R'tal or K'ren to be feeling cooperative to take himself on a walk in the early hours. Usually such walks were big treats, allowed only when K'ren was getting back late from an Infirmary shift and feeling awake enough to manage it. For a wher who much preferred being active in the dark hours being able to take himself away on a hunting expedition was a delight.

He was padding back with the remnants of a young wherry still locked in his jaws when he heard something and switched his path to wander towards it. Might be more food, or something small and wriggly to chase and play with or-- or a person. People were good fun; people who were making that strange sobbing noise probably needed help. Or possibly food which, luckily, he had. He dropped the half-wherry at Rhosgen's feet and sat down with a thump. ((Hello.))


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.

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